Shishang is an award-winning
architecture and design studio
based in Beijing, China

Zanadu Travel VR Experience Space

Zanadu is China’s leading luxury travel agency. Apart from high-end travel products and engaging travel content, Zanadu also produces immersive 360 degree VR content. When Zanadu wanted to create a space to make this content available offline, it came to Shishang to help with concept, design and production. From this partnership we created the world’s first “The future of travel” experience space.

Located in a premium shopping area next to Disney Land Shanghai, the space is designed like a virtual journey, complete with pixelated clouds, 360 degree projections, surround sound, and 3 gigantic balloons that float over the VR stage. visitors are invited to scan a QR code and chose their destination. They then embark on an immersive virtual VR journey and can experience the Maldives, Thailand, USA, China and many other countries.

Photographer: Sui Sicong