Shishang is an award-winning
architecture and design studio
based in Beijing, China

Meiting’s House

2015 Feature in AD Magazine China

Meiting is one of China’s leading actresses, famous for her leading female roles in TV, feature films and stage dramas. She and her photographer /videographer husband worked with Chen Xuan and Shishang to redesign her large space apartment to suit her family’s lifestyle.

The apartment has an artistic vibe, featuring elements from film and photography throughout. A large open space at the entrance is divided with a custom designed wooden “Shanshui” screen. The screen features a Chinese-style lacquered drawer-table that holds keys and other items. Other custom made elements include a film-themed wall design, a wardrobe in the shape of photography tripods, a sofa that invited children to play around on and a dining table with the mountain elements mirrored from the entrance screen.

Photographer: An Li